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So, this weekend was really eventful.

Friday night, one of my roommates kinda/sorta begged me to go with her to celebrate a friend of a friend’s birthday. Turns out, most of these friends are people I know from high school, so it wasn’t all that awkward… Except, most of them were completely smashed. I honestly never thought they would be one of those people (meaning getting really drunk), so I was a tad uncomfortable because I don’t really know how to deal with drunks and I don’t like them at all. And that was just the “pre-party”… We ended up going to a club and this was my first time ever going somewhere like that. The club sucked, it was terrible. The music was horrible and the people were really old and yeah, my roommate and I had a pretty miserable time (although I enjoyed watching some of the dance moves people do when they’ve had just a tad bit too much to drink). We left at 12… Only spent like half an hour at the club and we just had enough. So when we came back to our room, we ended up talking and watching videos until 2am.

Saturday was my second roommates birthday… We went out to celebrate at a restaurant, but it turns out we went to the wrong location which was really far from our residence. Getting back home took forever because all the cabs were busy due to homecoming and when we finally got one, the cabbie kept kind of complaining about how far out he had to go, etc. When we got back to res, we ended up playing Foosball… Birthday girl and myself together against the other roommate… And we scored 30 points to her minimum 100 >_< When we got to our room, birthday girl decided to take out the garbage and so my other roommate and I got really excited because she could light the candles on the cake we bought while I went with her… It would have been perfect, but we forgot our key cards and were locked out of our floor. I ended up having to go to reception and call up to our room so our roommate could open the door for us… As a result of how long we took, almost all the candles were burnt out. But the cake was yummy and we just sat and talked for a long time.

Already this year I’m having so much more fun because I honestly love my roommates… We get along so well and we’re so compatible with one another.

Seeing all these 9/11 posts… I had actually forgotten about it. I guess because I don’t have a TV and so haven’t turned on the news. I guess because we don’t really do a moment of silence in university (or maybe we did? I had a late class so maybe…)

But in a way I’m glad I didn’t remember because this day never fails to make me melancholy and sad. I think of all the lives lost, the senselessness of the act… Just all the “what if’s” and “why’s” and just too many thoughts crowded in my mind. My grief so often overwhelms me that it can get hard to breathe… But then again, I wish I had remembered because these lives need to be remembered, it would be so much more pitiful if they became lost in memories.

I don’t actually remember the day… Probably because I was just in kindergarten. Probably because I was still living halfway across the world. I don’t know. But what I do remember is what happened after.

My family had moved to North America in December 2001. I didn’t face any difficulties… Not really, not that I remember. But my parents had a very tough time, especially when it came to looking for a job. I didn’t understand when I was younger why they weren’t getting a job, why they were facing so many difficulties, but now I understand.

I think the first act of racism I remember happened in the airport at L.A when I was 9. Some security guy/worker made a comment about my dad’s turban. That’s where ignorance comes in because everyone (less nowadays) assumes that a turban equals to Muslim, but that’s not true. There are many different religions in India that include men wearing turbans. My dad became really mad because it was a really rude comment and I remember thinking why did the guy say that?

That’s a tragedy as well… The ignorance and hate that evolved out of 9/11. So many innocents were killed that day, but how many more innocents have been affected since then?

I wish for world peace… And I wish that one day it can be achieved. But as a realist I know that will be impossible. The Dao philosophy of yin and yang is very true… You need to have the opposites. Without war, would we know peace? What would peace be then? Without peace, would we know what war is? To understand one you need the other… So it makes sense that without one you wouldn’t have the other.

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Rain Boots…

I bought a pair last year because I hated having wet running shoes, but after I bought them I never needed to use them.

But today it rained! I was so happy because I wore them yesterday and it hadn’t rained so I felt a bit like an idiot…

Walking back home, seeing all the puddles and mud, I was tempted to stomp around in them just like I would have as a kid, but being a bit of a cleanliness freak now I couldn’t bring myself too. But the urge was enough to make me happy.

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That’s what the deaths of these two Ladies’ Code members is… A terrible, terrible waste of life. I don’t know these girls, I’ve never heard of them before this accident, but this is incredibly tragic.

Two young women just starting their lives were killed in a senseless manner, senseless because it was preventable. These girls would probably still be alive, but for the careless way their precious lives were treated. In my mind, they were murdered and the killer is the idol industry. Idols are not seen as human beings, but commodities and when you start thinking of them like this, you start taking chances with their lives. We all know how grueling and cruel the industry is to these idols… Lack of sleep, lack of proper diets, exhaustion to the brink of collapse and still no rest, etc. Entertainment companies take advantage of these kids’ enthusiasm and desire and extort them.

How many times have idols been injured due to their lifestyle? Fainting and collapsing because of lack of sleep, not enough food. Injuries because their bodies are pushed to their limits. Car accidents because they’re rushing to meet their schedules.

Why do companies cram the schedules so there is never enough time to get to places in a timely, safe manner? Does it make sense to decrease the amount of travel time needed to reach schedules so that the idols have to speed to arrive on time? Does it make sense not to be able to be flexible enough in their schedules for unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather?

Will the industry fix their methods after these deaths? I can only hope so because 2 deaths is 2 more than there should be. I would like to be positive and believe change will happen… But a corporation always focuses on the bottom line, the money, and so I don’t believe anything will change.

On a another, kind of off topic note… Ladies’ Code finally reaching #1 on the charts… I know fans and people mean well, trying to fulfill EunB’s wish to top the charts… And I can’t speak for her, and maybe she is happy about it… But in my mind, if I was EunB… This achievement would feel a little bit empty. It took her death to make them reach #1, it’s a sign of condolence, maybe pity in a little way, but it’s not a win based on the song itself. It’s not a win because people sincerely like the song, on their talent and abilities… And that is probably how she would have wanted to win, to be recognized for their ability, not their tragedy.

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"It was nice. I definitely saw it. Those chocolate abs, like in the dramas!"

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