My room mates and their damn unsafe storage practices ૮( ᵒ̌▱๋ᵒ̌ )ა

I have been nearly clobbered in the head with a wooden cutting board, then once again with storage containers. Now a water bottle nearly hit my foot.

Who the hell stacks a water bottle on top of another container so that it’s over the little barrier thing on the shelf of the fridge door? What do they think is going to happen when someone opens it? 

So done with people who can’t think.

q: if you had a younger sibling, would you recommend her to the other?

one last word before they wrapped up the show(except sunggyu)

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Woohyun accidentally introducing Toheart as INFINITE

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Favorite kpop lyrics: INFINITE


the beauty we learn behind this aweful tragedy from the young pure souls

  1. a boy give his life jacket and give all his life to help his classmate… he die as a hero on his birthday
  2. a young selfless ship attendant help distribute life jackets to passenger and stay behind until her last breath
  3. a 6 years old brother who give his life jacket to his 5 years old sister and wispher comfort even his fate is still unknown
  4. a student who yell for rescuer to take a small child from his arms even the ferry is sinking and he still on it

either u’re gone or safe or still missing my thought and pray goes for you…may your soul rest in peace and hope miracles exist so u can be with your love again and be safe…

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My sister is killing me with all her posts on Singaporean food… I want to eat them so badly but can’t because you can’t find them here/don’t taste like the ones from Singapore.  

Track Title: Instant Perfect Acapella

Artist: OT7


8/ cases of Infinite sounding perfect

i wish they would perform acapella stages *-* that would be a dream come true

Key’s thoughts on shooting “Delicious" w/ Woohyun (x)

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infinite 93/365 ∞ dongwoo 14/52
infinite 93/365 ∞ dongwoo 14/52

Track Title: Sunggyu's confession track

Album: 130114


'The Doll's Dream' - a song which he sang to his high school crush/first girlfriend. Now just a sad laughable memory.

You’re looking at far away places

I’m right here, you know?

If you’d only turn your head just a little, you would see me

How it was at first, was good

If you could just be with me

But it seems I’m getting tired now, of a never-ending wait

I was always one step behind you

Will you forever be unable to see me?

While looking right at me — gesturing to me with your hands

I will always love you though